Potassium 4,19 mg; Calcium 3,95 mg; Magesium 14,76 mg; Selinium 0,2 μg


Without Salt

Inner thalossotherapy without the salt

The benefits of Professor René Quinton’s process without sodium chloride

Seawater contains 78 bioavailable minerals with a concentration of 9 mg of mineral salts per liter, while our product has a concentration of 0 mg of sodium chloride.
Optimized sampling protocol: pumping 300 m from the surface, with a minimum bottom depth of 2000 m, constant temperature of 12°C, very little light radiation, much less Nacl than at the surface (evaporation), phytoplankton-rich zone that optimizes the bioavailability of the 78 minerals, filtering to 0.22 microns on the boat. The seawater is then stored in a clean room, protected from heat and radiation.
Pumped in France’s Mediterranean waters, in a triply protected area: Port-Cros National Park, Natura 2000 zone and Pelagos sanctuary zone.

Captain Régis Revilliod Innovation’s process

Deep Sea Water

Genuine Marine Therapy

Marine therapy is a cellular nutrition technique initiated by René Quinton and backed up by over 100 years of hospital clinical experience, demonstrating its effectiveness in the treatment of diseases in the fields of Dermatology, Allergology, Gastroenterology, Odontology, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Sports Medicine, Ophthalmology, Respiratory Physiotherapy and more.

Our bodies weaken for a variety of reasons: dehydration, disease, pollution, nutritional deficiencies. Drinkable Seawater restores balance and vitality to the cellular system, regenerating it.

The essential water of our origins

The great discovery: Seawater contains all the elements of Mendeleyev’s periodic table, in the same proportion as our internal environment, itself made up of various body fluids such as extracellular fluid, blood plasma, tears, etc.