In a nutshell:

Pure seawater contains over 90 elements! The earth’s ocean is the only source where these elements exist in perfectly balanced solution.
  • Complete Macro and Trace Element Support
  • Supports Nutrient Density and Genetic Potential of Plants
  • Pre-mixed and Filtered for Convenient Application
  • OMRI and CDFA Certified for Organic Production

Ocean fertilizer was born of this knowledge. We have developed an economical method for extracting minerals in a highly concentrated product.

These additional micronutrients (which plants need in trace amounts) are catalysts that activate enzymes in plant cells. They play a specific role in plant growth, development and yield. These relative ratios are essential to the proper balance of Ocean Fertilizer® and promote optimal nutrient uptake.

The Results:

Plant growth increases, especially in low light conditions such as cloudy weather and crop covering structures. Fungal diseases in plants are eliminated, by increasing the plant’s health & resistance. There is a high pH effect and bioaction of certain metal elements in the formulation.


In foliar applications, OCEAN FERTILIZER nutrients are absorbed by all crops in the first few hours after spraying, providing an immediate effect on plant growth.

During application, a small quantity of fertilizer flows down the stem to fertilize the root system and regenerate the soil.

For this purpose, it is possible to apply directly to the roots at a rate of :

15 L per hectare with a dilution of 1 L of OCEAN FERTILIZER for 60 Litres of water,
i.e. 900 liters of solution for 15 liters of OCEAN FERTILIZER per hectare, spread over 3 applications at the following stages: – flowering – fruit set – veraison.
This application regenerates soil depleted by excessive use of chemical fertilizers, and immediately revitalizes the root system. This liquid application is therefore essential, and all the more advantageous as it can be applied during drought periods, which is not the case with granulated cover fertilizers.

OCEAN FERTILIZER can replace cover fertilizers such as urea by :

Replacing it by up to 20-30%.
improving yields by up to 25%.
boosting weight, appearance and taste by up to 15%.
And above all, it preserves the soil, unlike traditional products. This product therefore makes it possible to :

overcome urea shortages,
increase the production of staple foods worldwide
reduce soil disintegration and nitrate pollution.