©Yann Arthus Bertrand

Captain Regis Revilliod has developed a process for extracting sodium chloride from seawater while preserving the 78 minerals. This innovation is unique in the world.

To those who know its language, the Ocean speaks. But you still have to know how to listen to it. Since the dawn of time, it has whispered that it gives life on earth and that he can soothe its evils

A Pier in the Port of Dieppe, Northern France. The Sixties. A little boy faces his immensity and hears it… His gaze then stops towards the horizon. He guesses ships from distant contours distorted by sunlight. One day, he’ll be captain. A captain conveying a message. The witness of an Ocean that has left its mark on him since his earliest childhood.

As a Captain in the Merchant Marine, Régis Revilliod has sailed the seven seas for nearly twenty years.

And the words of the Ocean remain

It was while reading the works of the late Professor René Quinton, one of the first scientists to have studied the physiological effects of seawater, that the Captain discovered that marine plasma, derived from seawater, was very similar to human plasma. As he pursued

his research, he discovered that deep sea water has a superior mineral potential to that of surface water. He could only conclude that the Ocean contains untapped treasures to be shared.

Captain Régis Revilliod therefore decided to do everything possible to enable men to drink the water drawn from the deep sea, an infinite source of water, with its incredible virtues. In 2013, as a bold and avant-garde designer, he formulated the singular equation of a drink produced from seawater. To bring it to life, it needs an equally revolutionary tool. It is then that a crazy idea sprang up in his mind: to create the world’s first «fleet of bottling ships».

Captain Revilliod is pioneering a path to water for all, not just any water:

But the drink most suited for us humans.